Women's and Gender Studies Residency

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Women’s studies as an interdisciplinary academic field has emerged in the last 40 years across a broad range of topics, including economics, historical studies, literature, math, psychology, science and sociology. Empire State College has hosted women’s studies residency meetings in conjunction with academic course offerings since the mid-1970s and has continued to evolve as the field itself changes.

Students choose from seven studies using a blended model that combines an online component with one onsite meeting and one virtual online meeting.

While in Saratoga Springs, students will attend plenary sessions and group activities, hear from guest speakers and meet in small group seminars to focus on their selected study.

This unique opportunity will provide students with a broader perspective of issues related to women’s and gender studies and offer a variety of activities to enhance the learning experience.

Fast Facts

What is it?

  • an interdisciplinary study that combines online learning with one onsite meeting.
  • a unique, alternative way to meet some of the general education requirements.


Empire State College
113 West Ave.
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

When: Spring 1 term

Jan. 20  - May 1, 2015

onsite meeting: Friday and Saturday, Feb. 27-28

virtual meeting: Friday, April 17

Who to Contact

Lori McCaffrey
residency coordinator
518-783-6203 ext. 5944