Women's Study Residency

The Women's Studies Residency will be held during the Fall 2014 term.  The current pages provide a look at what transpired at the Spring 2013 residency.

Occupy Gender: Rethinking Gender and Sexuality for the 21st Century

male and female forms on assembled puzzle pieces‌‎‌Women’s studies as an interdisciplinary academic field has emerged in the last 40 years across a broad range of topics, including economics, historical studies, literature, math, psychology, science and sociology. Empire State College has hosted women’s studies residency meetings in conjunction with academic course offerings since the mid-1970s, and has continued to evolve as the field itself changes.

Since the mid-90s, women’s studies has been both challenged and reinvigorated by gender studies, GLBTQ studies and men’s studies, all of which seek to expand the discipline to include a broader analysis of all gender norms. The Women’s Studies 2013 residency, with its emphasis on gendered “occupations” (in all senses of the phrase), reflects this new vision and provides students and faculty with an intensive academic opportunity to think systematically about ourselves as gendered and sexual beings.

male and female forms on unassembled puzzle pieces"Occupy Gender!", the theme for WSR 2013, is based on the premise that gender and sexual politics shape how we understand ourselves, our opportunities and our responsibilities. As we consider how gender norms and expectations both expand and constrict based upon race, ethnicity class, region, religion, age, body size, culture, ability and other vectors of identification, we will confront the question: Do we occupy gender/sexuality, or do they occupy us?

Students are encouraged to register for a range of study groups, listed under the tab on the left, that analyze gender and sexuality and explore new ways to occupy them. In 2013, women’s studies residency study groups will be offered in the January term with a required two-day residency (Saturday, April 6 and Sunday, April 7) at the Metropolitan Center in New York City. The residency component offers opportunities for students to meet with their study-group instructors and engage in group conversations about the group's topics, as well as participate in larger group meetings around workshops, field trips and meals/social gatherings.

Fast Facts

What is it?

  • an interdisciplinary study with one weekend residency
  • a unique, alternative way to meet some of the general education requirements.


Empire State College
325 Hudson Street, Fifth Floor 
New York, NY 10013-1005


January 2013 term, with a required two-day residency, Saturday, April 6 and Sunday April 7, 2013.

Who to Contact

Cathy Leaker, Ph.D.
associate dean
Metropolitan Center